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You'll find cables or cords anywhere. Fitted to an electrical device or supplied separately with a device in the package. Also loose cables for countless different applications. Small cables, large cables you'll find them all around us in many different applications.

In the production of cables, a lot of different things have to be done but once finished, they will have to be prepared to go on transport. Cables have in many cases the property that when winding them they automatically go again "unwinding". So it is very handy to tie them to prevent this unwinding.

The Cyklop machine program contains various machines to bind or bundle cables with an elastic string or rubber band.

For the binding of wind-up cables with a elastic cord, it is necessary that you are able to bind in two steps. The first step takes your elastic string inside the inner core of the winded cable and the second step brings you outside again.

Different applications of cables with a large inner diameter and winded-up cables having an inner diameter which is small have to be bind or bundled.

Ask Cyklop for advice which machine is to be used for your products.